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“With no reservations, Natalie is the best captioner I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with as a lawyer. She is professional, brilliant and discreet.”
Joan M. Durocher
General Counsel & Director of Policy, National Council on Disability
“As a person fluent in two languages, ASL and English, Natalie has become my favorite captioner. She is able to handle high level complex settings seamlessly while ensuring access and top-quality services.”
Kelby Brick
Director, Maryland State Governor’s Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
"When you hire Natalie Ennis to produce your captions, you can rest assured that they'll be accurate. As a bonus, she's a delight to work with; professional and kind. When her name shows up I always smile.”
Sarah Blattberg
Certified ASL Interpreter 
“Subcontracting with Natalie is a superb experience.  My company is comfortable working with her because we know she only hires top-notch captioners to work on her team and we are assured we will receive the information necessary to get the job done right.”
Susan L. Ciminelli
Court Reporting, LLC
"Working with Natalie means you're not only getting a highly qualified, professional captioner, you're also getting a captioner fluent in ASL. Many times I have seen the difference this makes when Deaf attendees discover they can communicate directly with the captioner."
Kelli Stein
Certified ASL Interpreter
“Natalie Ennis goes above and beyond to ensure that meeting participants' needs are met, whether remotely or in person. Whenever I know Natalie is the captioner, this gives me peace of mind about the meeting's accommodations.  Natalie is simply the best!”
Brianne Burger
Deaf in Government
“I've had numerous captioners over the years, but Ms. Ennis has always been my most trusted captioner. I can always trust her to be ready to start on time, to be accurate in her captions, and to advocate for me, if needed. She is simply the best!”
caption consumer
"Natalie is the full package -- amazing caption accuracy and speed, great knowledge of technology, personable and professional, and fluent in ASL. I can't say enough good about Natalie and her services. I highly recommend her!"
Steve C.
“These are the key words that make [Ennis Captioning Solutions] stand apart from mediocre companies – high quality, consistency, dependable, 100% accuracy, loyal, cooperative, dedicated, communicative, and more…”
Louise Tripoli
caption consumer
"Natalie came to the rescue for me in graduate school! I tried notetaking, sign language interpreting and several other captioners before Natalie was assigned to me as a CART provider. I didn't notice any lag time in the captioning (which is incredibly rare). She spent time after classes editing the transcripts and always got the transcripts to me in a timely manner. A bonus is that Natalie is easy to talk to and an overall wonderful person.”
caption consumer
“Hiring Natalie will ensure that your event is not only expertly captioned, but handled with the utmost care and respect. Natalie has uniquely positioned herself and outpaced her competitors because she is not only a certified captioner, but she is also a certified sign interpreter. As a member of the Deaf community, she enters your event understanding the needs and nuances of the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.”
Mike Cano
Past President of Alternative Communication Services, LLC
"I absolutely love working with Natalie. Her captioning skills are impeccable and her ability to multitask is always impressive. In addition to stellar captioning skills, Natalie also knows American Sign Language which can be a huge benefit in settings with Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing attendees. You won't be disappointed when working with Natalie!”
Holly Bise
Chair of the National Association of State Relay Administration
“Natalie consistently provides high-quality captioning during my graduate coursework. She is always prepared and goes above and beyond the assignments, which allows me to participate actively in the classroom. I greatly appreciate her kindness and commitment to ensuring that I have a positive learning experience.”
Jennifer W.
caption consumer
“I just participated in a 2-hour, high-intensity program on Zoom.  Natalie’s captions were as close to perfect as humanly possible and with virtually no latency. She’s been doing this for us at monthly programs – both live and virtual --  for the past few years, and so we have come to expect perfection.”
Russ Misheloff
Hearing Loss Association of America, D.C. Area Chapter, Past President
“Having worked with many CART Captioning agencies for over ten years, Natalie Ennis takes great pride and great care in providing the best quality of services that her clients need and deserve.   Ennis Captioning Solutions is one of the best in the captioning field today!”
Lisa B. Johnston, RMR, CRR, CRC
Certified Realtime Captioner
“We have worked with Ennis Captioning for a year now and we are 100% satisfied. As a business owner it’s my choice who we decide to do business with. Unlike other companies, Ennis Captioning always provides us with competent CART professionals, timely transcripts and great customer service. They are responsive, friendly, on time and know how to work with individuals who need help understanding the technical process of working with live captioning services. I feel supported and my clients who need their services do as well. I know they have not just my best interest at heart, but the Deaf community we both seek to uplift.” –
Accessible Integrated Media
“Natalie is one of the best CART providers I have ever worked with. She possesses a rare combination of professionalism, customer service orientation, and technical ability that enables her to consistently create thoughtful, timely, and accurate communication access for her clients. She is responsive to emerging issues, a creative and problem-solver and advocate, and is consistently accurate and timely in her captioning. She is sensitive to clients’ needs and collaborative in her approach in working with captioning sites, contacts, and clients. She is experienced in a variety of environments and topics. Natalie is prepared, and has a calm, professional, and focused presence that enhances any space she operates in, whether virtual or in-person. I cannot recommend Natalie highly enough!”
Helen Starkweather, MSOD, LGPC, NCC
caption consumer
“Natalie is an exceptionally talented CART reporter who brings many advantages to discussions between our company and our hearing-impaired clients. As the TRS fund administrator, we rely on Natalie’s rare ability to accurately generate timely text during conversations, as many of those often occur with individuals with speech disabilities. Additionally, her integrity and professionalism make her the only CART reporter we trust to handle our most confidential meetings. Being able to view real-time closed captioning during calls with our clients is a necessity for us to be successful and Natalie gives us that advantage. Any organization needing CART reporting services would benefit from contracting with Natalie; she has our highest praise.”
Dave Rolka
President & CEO, Rolka Loube/ TRS Fund Administrator
“Natalie Ennis masterfully provides CART captions for the Hearing Loss Association of America Washington DC chapter. Pre-COVID Natalie attended in-person meetings. During COVID she provided CART for Zoom programs. Consistently, Natalie ensures top-quality captions and is always engaged and willing to help. Natalie is a true professional who I recommend without hesitation.”
Judy Alden
President, HLAA-DC
“I have used Natalie’s captioning services over a period of around five years. I highly recommend her. She responds to requests quickly and is easy to work with, and her captions are as near to perfect as I have ever seen. I always know that when I contract with her I don’t have to give it another thought - she will be there, fully prepared, and will do excellent work.”
Barbara Raimondo
Deaf Education Consultant
“As a Deaf person who uses American Sign Language (ASL) in my everyday life, Natalie Ennis's fluency in ASL is a bonus. When I know or see that Natalie is the vendor for captioning services, I am reassured that what will be presented is close to 100% accuracy because of her cultural sensitivity and awareness of our community. Whenever possible, I request to work with Natalie and her company because of my trust in her work.”
Caroline Kobek Pezzarossi
caption consumer
“We absolutely love working with Natalie. During our short time working with her, we have come to greatly rely on her for nearly all of our captioning needs. She is incredibly prompt, dependable and professional. The captioners she partners with are just as excellent with many of our employees volunteering positive feedback after working with them. We always know we can count on Natalie for helping us secure and provide excellent captioning.”
"I have known and worked with Natalie Ennis for over 20 years.  Natalie is the consummate professional.  She truly cares about her clients in a way that is extremely rare.  In addition to being an excellent certified captioner, Natalie is fluent and certified as an interpreter in American Sign Language (ASL).  She is involved in the Deaf community and truly understands the importance of communication access.   In my opinion, Natalie and her company represent the best of the best.”
Alan Peacock, RDR, CRR, CRC
CaptionIT, Inc.
“Working with Natalie and her team was a pleasure from the get-go. These captioners are responsive, helpful and reliable.”
Sam P.
“Natalie Ennis is the pinnacle of what a captioner should be, and so is the rarest of her breed. Firstly, her stamina, accuracy and speed are stunning, despite being confronted with every conceivable accent under the worst audio conditions imaginable. She can pop messages into a videoconferencing chat, and make real-time corrections without missing a beat. Secondly, her skill set as a qualified American Sign Language interpreter, and her intimate familiarity with the cultural world of Deaf people make her a full-fledged unicorn. As a practicing interpreter myself, there is no other captioner I would rather collaborate with on an assignment. We see no boundaries between our roles, consider one another core members of the "audience" using our work, and we genuinely enjoy one another's company with a level of mutual support and admiration that borders on worshipful. I urge you to work with Natalie for any and all of your captioning needs — whatever the cost, and whether you have to move or shorten your meeting time to accommodate her overflowing schedule. Lastly, her secret superpower is ultimately her own invisibility, because your meeting will flow exactly as it would have if there had been no need for CART.”
Anne Leahy
Certified ASL Interpreter