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Captions benefit everyone, those with hearing loss, as well as people with learning and/or developmental disabilities, visual learners, and those for whom English is a second language. We are dedicated to providing equal access to communication. 

Live Captioning

ECS provides live captioning services, the instantaneous display of the spoken language displayed as text at large meeting sites and convention settings or for your virtual meeting on Zoom/Teams/Google Meet/WebEx, etc., with less than a 2-second delay. Average captioning speed is 200-220 words per minute. Captions can be displayed on projection screens, monitors, computers, tablets, mobile devices, etc. Unedited transcripts are emailed after each event, upon request.

ASL Interpreting

Natalie, interpreting an outdoor college graduation, with the University President at the podium

ECS provides ASL-English interpreting services for virtual meetings only at this time. All of our interpreters are nationally certified.